Tommy's Notes on Cookies [ & pc maintenance ]

CLEANUP & COOKIE TIPS [what works and what doesn't]:


    1. Delete Cookies [MSIE T/O/G] : blanket delete . This works. 
          It deletes cookies in C:\Windows/Cookies and C:\Windows/local settings/Temporary Internet Files [w98]  [ you must restore necessary cookies afterwards ]. C:\Windows/Cookies can be read only. [ I verified this, unfortunately it does no good, you must use MSIE import / export to save / restore cookies  do this before deleting.] 
          The W2K cookies are in C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Cookies. [for each user] A copy of these is seen in the C:\%user%\local settings/temporary internet files  These are mirrors of the "cookie" folder and cannot have their attributes seen or changed.  The other [TIF] folder changes automatically to follow..See this link for further info: Deleting cookies / Tin Hat also 278835 - How to Delete Cookie Files
    2. Delete Files [MSIE T/O/G]  This works. 
          It deletes everything [in the Temporary Internet Files folder] that's safe to delete. [ NOT COOKIES ] This is confusing because a certain amount of stuff may remain unless you do a manual deletion with DOS commands. Don't worry about it, it usually deletes everything except cookies.
          Don't Delete "all offline content" or your saved offline web Pages will disappear
    3. Isolate Good Cookies and Save them :
      Go to each web page that requires cookies for passwords and preferences. Logon to each and watch for the cookies to appear [ in the folders described]. Delete manually unnecessary or tracking cookies in the TIF and Cookies folders. When all you have is the ones you want, go to MSIE File/Import and Export and save them to some folder other than these. Then when you do the blanket delete, you can restore them afterwards.
    4. Optional : Use a cookie manager to control incoming new cookies. I use Cookie Wall from Analog X.

 OTHER WAYS: [ examples of commercial software available ]



    Cookie Deletion / Maintenance is not as simple as it should be. There is more than one folder for cookies and these folders are "system" folders that do no follow the usual rules for folders. You can perform this manually in MSIE / Tools / Options / General /Delete Files . Many websites have to have cookies allowed so you generally have to allow cookies sometimes [ like when you visit these sites for the first time and save the cookies afterwards ]. There are many way to do this, many choices make for confusion. I have shown only a couple of ways that I have tried..

I "pick" cookies to save by :
    1. I "Allow" cookies with Cookie Wall, [you must also do this with MSIE Tools /Options / Privacy / Advanced] 
    2. I select the ones I want to save ["good" cookies : prefs, passwords, etc], 
    3. I delete the ones I don't want.
    4. I save the "good" cookies with MSIE File/Import and Export.. 
    5. I reconfigure Cookie Wall to disallow [delete] all new incoming cookies. 
This process must be repeated for any new web page that would deliver a "good" cookie. This is the hassle

    Disk Cleanup in MS System Tools is a nice way to automatically clean up temporary files w/o user intervention. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to select "delete cookies". If you use the method just described you won't need to, but you must do it manually [as just described].

    Commercial Ways usually consist of purchasing and using the "full" products of which "light" versions are offered
to us by MS or other OS providers. Cost is their only disadvantage usually.

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