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I used WS FTP LE  4.50 , NOTE TAB Light 4.91, and HOMESITE 4.0 building this webpage, and NVU 1.0  and MS FrontPage 2000 to make modifications. You can find hundreds of web page building tools, including, MS Word, MS Pub, MS Works, Netscape, most any text editor, or html editor

quick guides   ftp clients    html editors  tutorials   webdesign sites   web graphics   scripts  tools  templates

Standards / Quick Guides

definitions, glossary, syntaxes for various web languages
WC3 HTML This Committee is the authority for HTML, XTML hypertext markup language used with your web browser to produce the web pages you see
WC3 4.01  Direct Link to HTML 4.01 reference page, current version 1999
Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists all the tags that current browsers are likely to recognize; quick reference, not a complete specification
Rex Swain's html sampler html sampler guide  how each tag looks in you browser
Quick HTML Reference html goodies quick HTML reference     good details
Webmonkey HTML Ref HTML Quick Guide " HTML Cheatsheet " quick, basic
HTML Quick List from Developers Tutorials  pro stuff
HTML Clinic Tag Guide HTML Clinic Quick Tag Guide  my fav
HTMLSource quick guides, history, html, css, tutorials   extensive The ultimate reference to web development languages. Includes muiltiple languages and versions and browser types.  programmers stuff

File Transfer Clients [ftp]

Move your files back and forth        

WS FTP LE FTP Clent program [File Transfer Protocol, limited version is free for home use], indispensible for  html page creation
Leap FTP a more advanced FTP Client, can control attributes of unix files, is discounted for HAL PC members , written by a HALPC member:  HAL member discounts page - FTP Clients List of FTP clients found on CNET


Change/create your webpage [ & other stuff sometimes ]

Note Tab Light Light version is free, this is awesome, I'm still finding out new features it has I use it to make the basic page, the upload it with WS FTP
Hotdog by Sausage Several versions of this, ver 7.0 the most, is $100, if you look around , you might find old freeware
Homesite by Macromedia version 4 can be found on ebay for ? $25, I use this to edit the basic pages and add the links to them
Macromedia Macromedia, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Flash Shockwave, and Cold Fusion Studio. All available with free trial versions.
MS Front Page MS Front Page 2003 last version, replasced by MS Expression Web
MS FP Support Page Official MS support page, not always easy to find stuff like this
Sausage Hot Dog and other web tools
NVU  website editor  
Kompozer is NVU with fixes
simpler to use than MS FP!    free  6.57 mb 
NVU review           NVU tutorial for beginners [from Wiki]
NVU forums with Q&A
PsPad  editor programmer's text editor  Linux features in a Windows version!  free 
Web Authoring Tools - HTML Editors

List of HTML editors


"html code tutorial" fantastic html, java, scripting etc., for beginners and to review
Developer Tutorials extensive collection
apollohosting tutorials Superset of WebDesign Tutorials
Ez Web Design Tutorials  Super ! Bunch of them
Standard Deviants BEGINNERS ONLY Excel @ HTML  / formerly called "Introduction to HTML" DVD [ fantastic and costs much less than expensive technical instructional videos ]
Page Tutor HTML Tutorials for the rest of us
Basic HTML Lesson 1 ~ SiteBilder Website Tutorials Real nice tutorial for beginners
Visibone Design Aids Plastic HTML; CSS; JAVASCRIPT Guides
Webmonkey Tutorials beginners webmastering tutorials, including programming web pages
BareBones HTML Guide HTML Ref
World Class Web Site Creation Guide Steps in Creating and Promoting Your Website
Web Design Tutorials Tutorials [ and more ]
Kelsey's HTML tutorial excellent
My Web Design Tutorial Links More of my Tutorial Links [on the (my) Tutorial Links page]

Designs by Joy Tutorials

Website tutorials including graphical design elements

Webmastering / Design Sites General

Webmaster World Webmastering forums / [ lots of them ]
NetMechanic Excellent General Web Design / Webmaster Site
Web Page Design excellent webdesign site
free web hosting free web hosting

Web Graphics

Boogie Jacks Webmaster's resources site featuring HTML and CSS tutorials, webmaster software, search engine optimization and more
Free Graphics & other stuff
Absolute Web Graphics Archive Tons of free graphics
Barry's Clip Art free online graphics

Cgi Scripting, Java

CGI-FAQ.pdf 1997 pdf doc by Jeff Hupp sysop, HALPC. About cgi scripting on Halnet. [Warning: see link below documenting my effort  to put scripting on my HALnet pages. This material is dated. If you follow, you will need to make changes]
Server Side Includes Using Server Side Includes [ scripts ] with your Halnet User Web Pages
HAL-PC "hit counters" How to put a "hit counter" on your HAL-PC website
JavaScript Tutorial Super-excellent javascript tutorial from W3Schools
Java Applets Tutorial Very nice java Applets tutorial for beginners from htmlgoodies
Java Boutique Java scripts, applets cool, usually free stuff to add
Java File Java stuff, good selection   Java Applet Help
JavaScriptSource javascripts, tutorials, forum
Script Search All kinds of scripts for goodies
Matt's Script Archive Bunches of different web scripts in different script languages [ Perl, C+, Javascript, etc.]
scripting notes.htm my personal notes and emails getting some help using cgi scripts
Sun Microsystems original source of java stuff

Webmasters Tools Linkleecher online link validator [use with IE]
iWeb Webmasters Toolkit Collection of helpful tools and utilities

Web Page Templates

 this section updated 5/12/08
Hoover Web Templates Browse 1643+ web templates for business, ecommerce and personal website design. Free web templates and interfaces for download
HTML Templates A large directory of HTML, Flash, and Photoshop Templates including 3 color templates, 3D templates, agriculture, animals, pets, architecture,
photography, artworks, books, business, car, computers, dating electronics, furniture, hosting, low budget, and sports

not free, but very professional Tips and Tutorials for all webmasters - learn how to use the power of php
SSI, perl, etc scripts

complete list of easy to use webpage template generators best beginners site
Mango Graphics Web templates Custom website designs and web templates. Also offers FREE holiday web templates and graphic design
online page generator Basic web page code generator with CSS (makes code for newbies to copy n paste)
Steve's free web page templates cool free web page templates which are very professional and can be used free for personal and business website use
webpage template generator  Free php css html code maker / generator for a complete php web page that is modern modular design template i.e. page consist of external style sheet and php includes to pull the pieces together for a professional page
Website Templates : Web Templates : Photoshop Templates
Website templates make web design easy. Our web templates are categorized by business templates, portal templates and paypal templates

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