Tom Henderson's 37 Years with the NASA

NASA Centers & Projects I had the privilege of working:

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Projects 1961-1962

B52 & X-15 X-15 with F-104 chase X-15 with Joe Walker X-15 Simulator F-5D SuperSonic Transport (SST)
X-15/B-52 X-15 X-15 X-15 Simulator F-5D SST Study
Captions above link to detailed description of NASA Dryden photos

NASA Johnson Space Center Projects 1962-1998

Project Web Site Personal Remembrances
Mercury Archives Mercury Trainer Photos
Gemini Overview Gemini Simulator Photos
Project Apollo Apollo Simulator Photos
Project Skylab Skylab Photos
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Space Shuttle Flights Shuttle Simulator Photos
International Space Station Assembly Sequence (inactive)


Space Station Soyuz Trainer Soyuz Mockup
Soyuz will be available for emergency return from the ISS.

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