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I am a native Houstonian and fifth-generation Texan.  With the exceptions of 3 years' military service in Belgium and a year on a construction project in Korea, I have lived in the Houston area all my life.  I attended Bellaire High School and U. of Houston.

Linda & I were married in Houston, TX in 1970 when I came home on Christmas leave from the Army.  We lived in Belgium for the first 3 years, then moved back to Houston when I got out in 1973.  We lived in Houston until 2002, then moved to Sugar Land, TX, only 10 miles or so, but in a different county.  We have three grown children - Kathleen, Sean and Craig.  Our daughter Kathleen is married, has a 15-year-old daughter, Ashley, and works for TEEX.  Sean and Craig are our twin sons.  Sean lives in San Francisco and is a computer programmer with Google.  Craig lives in Austin, TX and is a financial analyst for the Texas Teacher Retirement System; he is also a part-time journalist/author.

I am a graduate of the University of Houston (BSCE 1969, MCE 1976). I was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the Corps of Engineers shortly after graduating in 1969.  I got my Masters by going to school at night while working 55 hours per week at Brown & Root in Houston.

I am a registered Professional Civil/Structural Engineer with 35 years experience with onshore and offshore petrochemical projects and hazardous waste remediation.  I am currently a Principal Design Engineer with Fluor Marine Structures Engineering, in Sugar Land, Texas.  We design offshore platforms and marine terminals.


My current interests include:


Photography - My Photos - I have had cameras since I was in grade school and still have some of the photos and negatives from those early years. I have 35mm film cameras, medium format film cameras and digital cameras. 

Cruises to Alaska, Russia, The Hudson Valley and the UK have provided great oportunities for photos, as have annual trips to the ranch near Raton, NM and other trips to Belgium with our children.


Genealogy - Wayne's Family Tree - My Dad's people were farmers and craftsmen from Alabama and Mississippi.  My Mom's people were plantation owners, engineers, and merchants from Alabama and North Carolina. I found that some my Mom's ancestors, the Smith's from Calcasieu Parish, LA, were the family that rescued Jane Long, the Mother of Texas, after her hard winter on Bolivar Point, TX.

I have found descendents of three MCCULLOUGH families in Mississippi in the 1800's. We have evidence from a Warren Family Bible that three WARREN sisters married three MCCULLOUGH boys. We don't know for certain that the boys were related to each other, but it makes sense that they were. Multiple marriages between families seems to have been the order of the day, pickings having been somewhat slim in those days in the rural South.
UPDATE - Y-DNA tests have shown two of the three MCCULLOUGH boys to have been probably brothers or first cousins.

Linda's Dad's people are from southern Illinois. Her Mom's have been in northern New Mexico since just after the War (Civil War). I have found some interesting characters in her family tree as well as in my own. One of her ancestors, a CODLIN, seems to have appeared from out of thin air. He claimed his father was born in England, his mother in New York. Linda suspects he jumped ship in an American port and changed his name to escape the English Navy.  His son, John E. CODLIN was a Union soldier in the 8th MO Inf.  At Vicksburg, his regiment faced the 38th MS (CSA) in which my g-g-grandfather, William Jasper MCCULLOUGH served.  They were facing each other only a hundred yards apart.  John E. Codlin was a one-time business partner of Kit Carson, and was a character in the early history of Cofax County, NM.

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