Sample Computer Literacy Self-Test

There is more to computer literacy than using a computer. The following questions involve very basic concepts that are often misunderstood, even by experienced computer users.

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1: Adding more memory (RAM) to a computer system:
a) will increase the computer's processing speed
b) makes the computer smarter
c) allows more programs to be loaded
d) provides more room for files

2: Two computers are compatible if they:
a) can use the same data
b) area about the same size
c) have the same keyboard and monitor
d) can use the same programs

3: A hard or floppy disk drive functions most like a:
a) record player
b) tape recorder
c) wastepaper basket
d) filter

4: The Internet is a specific example of:
a) a large multi-user program
b) a computer network
c) wireless communication
d) mass file storage

5: If the power suddenly goes out while writing a letter with a word processing program:
a) everything in memory (RAM) is erased
b) the letter will definitely not be lost
c) the word processing program will be lost
d) it's a sign that you don't need the letter after all

6: What best descibes what is stored on a CD?
a) Music
b) Programs
c) Files
d) Data

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