Buffalo Bayou
An Echo of Houston's Wilderness Beginnings
Louis F. Aulbach

These articles about Buffalo Bayou are excerpts from the forthcoming book by Louis Aulbach, with the assistance of Linda Gorski who has contributed to some of the articles, entitled "Buffalo Bayou: An Echo of Houston's Wilderness Beginnings."  The book is a hiking, biking and paddling guide to Buffalo Bayou from its origin in Fort Bend County to the Sidney Sherman Bridge (I-610 East) which includes historical information about places, people and events along the bayou.

1. Ghosts of Houston's Past Haunt the Cemeteries on Buffalo Bayou
2. Families of Barker Reservoir
3. Before there was Houston, there was Frostown
4. Terry Hershey Park
5. Eleanor Tinsley Park
6. Twin Sisters of Harrisburg
7. Water for the City
8. Woodway to Shepherd Drive
9. Who was here first?
10. Buffalo Bayou's Historic Bend at Sesquicentennial Park
11. Houston during the Civil War
12. Prestigious Schools on the Bayou
13. Camp Hudson on Buffalo Bayou
14. Houston's Dry Gully and the Underground Railroad
15. Houston's Earliest Settlers...and They Were British!
16. Water Quality and Recreational Use of Buffalo Bayou
17. Camp Logan - a World War I Training Base on Buffalo Bayou
18. Hollywood Comes to Houston!
19. Houston Riot of August, 1917
20. Homesteaders of Memorial Park
21. Buffalo Bayou ArtPark
22. River Oaks area entrepreneur sells out and moves to Hidalgo Falls!
23. Houston -- the Head of Tide?
24. Bridges of Buffalo Bayou
25. Shepherd's Damn Road
26. The Scraping of Buffalo Bayou
27. Oktoberfest in Houston? Breweries on the Bayou
28. How do you spell that?... the peculiar story of Heinrich Thürwächter
29. Sears on the Bayou
30. Canoes and seals from Houston's earliest times
31. Where is the John Austin Survey?
32. Houston -- the Draw Bridge City
33. Houston's Native American Experience
34. Houston College on the Banks of Buffalo Bayou
35. Vick's Lake -- A Popular Park on Buffalo Bayou
36. Rochow Street - A History of Development
37. Briscoe's Dream
38. The Downtown Crypt
39. Clear Spring Waters of Houston!
40. The Arsenal Block
41. The Crystal Ice Works
42. Raccoon Bend
43. G&HJ Railroad -- a short line with a long history
44. The Hebrew Congregation of Houston
45. The Gable Street Electric Station
46. The Moody Addition - the other part of Frost Town
47. Schrimpf's Field - A Story of Two German Families
48. The Frost Family Legacy
49. The Texas State Fair began in Houston. How did we let that one get away?
50. When Half of the Fourth Became the Sixth -- The Contentious Debate Over the Creation of the Sixth Ward
51. Ivory Billed Woodpecker...sighted along Buffalo Bayou
52. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
53. Sam Houston's Ranch...in Houston!
54. The Caroline Street Gully and Its Significance to the City
55. TheTragic Violence Along Buffalo Bayou in 1917
56. The Sabine Street Bridge, A Long Forgotten Beauty
57. Thuse Donnellan, a Houston Entertainer
58. The Waugh Drive Bat Colony
59. The Buffalo Motel Ushers In the Automobile Age to Houston
60. The Studemont Railroad Spur
61. A Monument to Gus Wortham
62. Paving Bricks for Houston Streets
63. Buffalo Bayou's Concrete Channel
64. The King
65. Wastewater Treatment, and more.
66. Freedmanstown - A Neighborhood on the Bayou
67. Grand Central Station - Houston
68. Two Forgotten Cemeteries of Downtown Houston
69. Foundations of Camp Logan in Memorial Park
70. Buffalo Bayou's British Connection, the World Class Art of Henry Moore
71. Elijah Burritt and the Texas Steam Mill Company
72. The Houston Infirmary - An Early Trauma Center
73. The Boyle Hotel -- A Historic Site Overlooking the Bayou
74. Houston's First Oil Boom Was Based on Cotton
75. The Tapley Tributary
76. Vintage Wagon Wheel Found on Banks of Buffalo Bayou
77. The Hopson Addition
78. The Legacy of  the Texas Steam Mill Company
79. Sam Houston Park, A Historic Site
80. Hangman's Grove
81. Franklin Monument Circle
82. Hugh Hamilton and the Magnolia Brewery
83. The Civil War at the Milam Street Bridge
84. El Barrio del Alacran

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