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Thank you for visiting my web page.  My name is Dale Martin.

I live in Houston, Texas, where the highest landforms are the freeway overpasses.

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2010 Buffalo Bayou Regatta pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoodale/sets
Pictures from the 2008 and 2009 Buffalo Bayou Regattas are there, too.

Ever hear of Geocaching? It's a world-wide, 24/7, treasure hunt. Check it out for yourself: http://www.geocaching.com.

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Curious....Very Curious.... 1. Why are there braille markings on the drive-through ATM buttons? 2. This Adopt-A-Highway sign is posted along Texas Highway 71 west of Austin. I wonder when the club gets out and cleans up the shoulders and medians.

My Stuff.... 1. My Amateur Radio Station 2. My Mobile Amateur Radio Station 3. My Amateur Radio QSL Card and a couple of other favorites. 4. My Navy Tour in Iceland as TF2WIY. 5. Identify the mystery object. 6. Coincidences -- Do These Things Happen To Others? I Hope So!! 7. I keep my picture collection here. Enjoy.

Some of My Favorite Places

Some of my favorite links:

Houston Zoo--Where I volunteered as a docent for 15 years and was employed as a photo archivist for 2 years. and am now back as a volunteer working for the Staff Photographer and the Web Master.

Houston Area League of PC Users (HAL-PC)--My ISP and computer club

The Texas DX Society--A contesting and DX'ing amateur radio club I belong to

The Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club

Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club

American Radio Relay League--The national amateur radio organization I belong to

Amateur Radio Contesting On-Line--An on-line resource for amateur radio contesting information

KA9FOX Website for DX'ers and Contesters--Another resource for amateur radio contesting information

Houston Museum of Natural Science--The 2nd best cool place to go in Houston

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston--The 3rd best cool place to go in Houston


Come back from time to time and check out this page.   As I learn how to do more html things and find new stuff, I will be putting them here.   I have a camera, a camcorder, Snappy and, most recently, a scanner.  So, I hope to be putting up graphics/imagery from play (Amateur Radio, Travel), and volunteer work (Houston Zoo Docent). If you have comments (good or bad) about or suggestions (I will take any advice) for improving my homepage (is 'homepage' one word or two?), please send me a message.   I'm open to trying new stuff. Thanks and have fun!

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