The Grimm Family's Great Smoky Mountain Adventure

The Grimm Crew


Warning!!!! Lots of Graphics

From August 3rd until August 7th., 6 Bold adventurers tackled the dangerous and beautiful Great Smoky Mountains despite the handicap of being related. Injury, Maiming, and possibly even death were not out of the question, based upon the itenarary developed by the trip leader and trip organizer, Lyle Amacher

Man of SteelLyle Amacher.

Other Participants:

  • Man with no NameGary Davis - "My Dad"
  • A true geekJeff Davis - "Myself"
  • No adventure to scary for this guyDan Grimm
  • Who me? Competitive?Jim Grimm
  • Our inspirational leaderLee Grimm

Place: Ski Mountain Chalet #48, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Gatlinburg is right next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

A palace fit for us


Onto the Adventures:

A crew any sailor could love

The Crew Minus our Fearless Leader, Lyle

This guy can raft

Our Guide, Jim, of the Nantahala Outdoor Center. NOC was excellent, professional, and I would highly recommend them to any unexperienced river rafters

Rafting is hard work

The rest of the pictures show our
crew on the rapids of the Chatooga
Have you ever seen such fearless guys

This ain't nothing Well, maybe this is somethin
Now, were getting it What a great time

The trip has ended now, but I think the memories will last a lifetime

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