Summers Family History

Rev. and Mrs.
L.D. Summers'
Wedding Day,1899
The Adams Brothers
William A. Beaty

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Welcome to the Summers Famly History Page. I have been casually collecting family information for about thirty years and in mid-1999 began to pursue the project in earnest. Part of that pursuit is the development of this page which is dedicated to sharing genealogy information. By providing my family information, it is hoped that others can benefit and also, that this page will receive feedback on, and addition to, its contents. In this light, there are two mechanisms here that will aid in this process: You may email me at John Summers and/or you may place comments in the guestbook. At any rate, this page is a work in progress as new information is constantly being collected AND some existing information may be subject to correction or modification. These changes are welcome! If while going through the data, if you see information that fits in with your searches, please let me know so that we can collaborate on the commonalities.

The Summers Family History is somewhat of a misnomer. No family can be summarized with one surname. At this instant in time, I am compiling data associated with my family and my surname is Summers. In a hundred years, when one of my descendents is continuing this work, his or her surname will probably be something entirely different.

Indeed, when you think of the number of ancestors one person has, you are virtually unlimited in how many you can count. Your parents are two; your greatgrandparents are four; your gggrandparents are eight, and so on. Further, if you are examining six generations, the sixth generation alone has thirty-two members and the total number of ancestors in all six generations is sixty two. When looking at ten generations, the numbers become 512 and 1022!

For purposes of this document, the surnames Somers and Summers are essentially interchangeable. It appears that the family used Somers while in North Carolina and began using Summers when they moved to Tennessee around 1850.


  • The extensive Paschal (Paschall) data was provided by Ms. Shirlee Sacks.
  • The extensive Summers information on Pharo and Pharoah Summers was researched and made available by Sandralee Summers Jensen.
  • Other sources are mentioned in the sources and the notes.

So, view the data and enjoy! Be sure to examine the data from the four different formats, Family, Pedigree, Descendants, and Notes.

Click in the arches to view the data: St. Philibert, Tournus: ca. late 11th-early12th century

Summers Biographical Sketches

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Summers Family History was created on January 20, 2000

Update July 4, 2000. The following families were updated:

  • Summers (Many thanks to Sandy Summers Jensen for information on Pharoah Summers)
  • Beaty
  • Henderson (Thanks to Leon Henderson and Elbert Ellison)
  • McDaniel
  • Biographical sketches of L.D. Summers and his father, J. S. Summers were added.

Update May 28, 2001. The following families were updated:

  • Beaty
  • Petty (Thanks to Barbara McGee and The Petty Papers, available at the LDS Family History Center)
  • Middleton (Thanks to Doug McQuaid and Diane Hopmann)
  • Porter (Thanks to Doug McQuaid)
  • Biographical sketches of Pharoah Somers and his son Phary Summers were added.

Update March 23, 2003. The following family changes and additions were made:

  • Summers
    • Samuel Summers (The missing piece of the puzzle) added-Thanks to Bob and Dannye Wilson.
    • James Somers and his ancestors added-Thanks to Grace Upshaw.
  • Archer Family Added
  • Beaty-Thomas Beaty's second wife added (Surprise!)
  • Added: 229 individuals, 82 families, 60 surnames.

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