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Wilma Lilian HELMS was born on 30 Oct 1883.486 I had her name as Lila Wilma Helms (source not listed), but David Hargette lists her as Wilma Lilian. Parents: Thomas Ashley HELMS and Julia Ann STATON.

Spouse: Joe M ROSS. Joe M ROSS and Wilma Lilian HELMS were married on 1 Aug 1901. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Laura HIBBLER.497

Spouse: William Gray LITTLE. William Gray LITTLE and Laura HIBBLER were married.497 Children were: William Gray LITTLE.

John D. HIGH was also known as Jack.

Spouse: Louvincia A. CAUDLE. John D. HIGH and Louvincia A. CAUDLE were married.196

Martha HIGH was born about 1810.102 She died about 1890.102

Spouse: Berryman TRAYWICK. Berryman TRAYWICK and Martha HIGH were married about 1828.102 Children were: Alexander Pinkney TRAYWICK, Francis Brown TRAYWICK.

Henry W HILL was born on 11 Oct 1837. He died on 9 Jul 1917 in Stanley Co. NC. He was buried in Philadelphia Bap, Stanley Co, NC.

Spouse: Alice Glovina EDWARDS. Henry W HILL and Alice Glovina EDWARDS were married on 11 Sep 1878.

Rachel HILL.

Spouse: John ROSS. John ROSS and Rachel HILL were married on 13 Apr 1785 in Martin Co. NC.498 Children were: Samuel ROSS, Kenneth ROSS, William ROSS, James ROSS, Thomas ROSS, Henry ROSS, Luke ROSS, Martha ROSS, Nancy ROSS, Rachel ROSS, Sarah ROSS.

W. Lee HILL was born on 27 Feb 1890.334 He was buried in 1946 in Hamilton Cross Road Church Cemetery, Union Co, NC.334 He died on 30 Dec 1946.

Spouse: Ola LITTLE. W. Lee HILL and Ola LITTLE were married.334


Spouse: Rebecca GRIFFIN. Henry HINSON and Rebecca GRIFFIN were married.429,453 Rebecca Hinson was one of David Griffin's heirs and the executor was Henry Hinson.

Lydia HINSON.355

Spouse: Marshall DIGGS. Children were: Jane Ann DIGGS.


Spouse: Eli Marshall LILES. Eli Marshall LILES and Mary HINSON were married on 7 Feb 1850.176


Spouse: George LITTLE. Children were: Farrington LITTLE, James A. LITTLE, Martha LITTLE, Sophia LITTLE, Elizabeth LITTLE, Serena LITTLE, Ashley LITTLE, Quintina LITTLE, Mary LITTLE, Eliza LITTLE, Obedience Melinda LITTLE.

Caleb HOBART was born about 1623.255 He died on 4 Sep 1711 in Braintree MA.255

Spouse: Elizabeth CHURCH. Caleb HOBART and Elizabeth CHURCH were married on 8 Jan 1657/58 in Hingham, MA.255

Hannah Martishia HODGES. I had her surname as Martishia, but I have found numerous web sites listing that as her given name and Hodges as her surname. For example: http://members.aol.com/ctmaness/

Spouse: Charles Robert CARLTON. Children were: Eula CARLTON.

Lillie Burgess HODGIN.499

Spouse: Robert Russell WALLACE. Children were: Lucinda Margaret WALLACE.


Spouse: Daniel Webster PRESSON. Daniel Webster PRESSON and HOGG were married before 1888.92

Cynthia HOLLAND.

Spouse: James Freeman PRESSON. James Freeman PRESSON and Cynthia HOLLAND were married.500


Spouse: Penelope PRESSON.


Spouse: Crandall LITTLE. Crandall LITTLE and Mary HOLLAND were married on 27 Jan 1853 in Beaufort Co. NC.105 Little, Crandell - Holland, Mary, Miss
Actual Marriage Date - 27 Jan 1853
Rev. Samuel Collins
Beaufort Marriage Notice, North State Whig; Washington, NC, Feb. 9, 1853.
Groom of Pitt Co.; bride is of Beaufort Co.

William M. HOLLIMAN.

Spouse: Seletha COBURN. William M. HOLLIMAN and Seletha COBURN were married on 28 Jun 1855 in Lauderdale Co. AL.300


Spouse: Tennie PRESSON. Lunie HOLLINGSWORTH and Tennie PRESSON were married.93

Elizabeth HOLLY was born on 31 Oct 1844 in Union Co. NC.501,502 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Hester HOLLY was born in 1833 in Anson Co. NC.503 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: THOMAS.

James W. HOLLY was born on 14 Jun 1820 in Anson Co. NC.504 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Frances J. AUSTIN.

Spouse: Mary Jane ETHERIDGE.

Spouse: Nancy Jane BENNETT.

Lydia HOLLY was born in 1827 in Anson Co. NC.505 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: AUSTIN.

Margaret HOLLY was born on 7 Sep 1841 in Anson Co. NC.501,506 She was living at home with William, Sarah, and sister Elizabeth in 1870 census. Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Jacob C. MANESS. Jacob C. MANESS and Margaret HOLLY were married.

Martha HOLLY was born on 5 Mar 1829 in Anson Co. NC.507 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Joseph BENNETT. Joseph BENNETT and Martha HOLLY were married.

Mary HOLLY was born on 31 Aug 1838 in Anson Co. NC.508 She died on 11 Nov 1894 in Union Co. NC.241 She was buried in Holly Cemetery, Marshville, Union Co. NC.241 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Luke SINCLAIR. Luke SINCLAIR and Mary HOLLY were married on 3 Aug 1856 in Union Co. NC.447 While I am not certain the Luke Sinclair listed in Ancestral File as husband of Mary Holley, it certainly appears likely. Children were: Clara (Sarah) A. SINCLAIR, W. Thomas SINCLAIR, Mary Elizabeth SINCLAIR, John W. SINCLAIR, Margaret SINCLAIR, Marcus L. SINCLAIR, Bunion SINCLAIR, Minnie SINCLAIR, Lillie SINCLAIR, Cora L. SINCLAIR.

Nancy HOLLY was born on 10 Sep 1831 in Anson Co. NC.509 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: moved] Based on the birth places of William T. and Riley Mac, the Holly family moved to Henderson Co. about the same time as Dugal Ross and Jesse Little. Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Hampton NEWSOM. Children were: Angeline NEWSOM, William T. NEWSOM, Riley Mac NEWSOM, Sarah NEWSOM, Nancy Ann NEWSOM.

Sarah HOLLY was born on 24 Jun 1835 in Anson Co. NC.510 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: John M. BRANTLEY.

Thomas R. HOLLY was born in 1824 in Anson Co. NC.511 Parents: William HOLLY and Sarah ROSS.

Spouse: Sophie BENNETT.

William HOLLY was born on 30 Jan 1800 in Anson Co. NC.512,513 Virginia Helms Deese's chart says William Holly was born in Sampson Co. NC. He died on 10 Oct 1882 in Union Co. NC.513

Spouse: Sarah ROSS. Children were: James W. HOLLY, Thomas R. HOLLY, Lydia HOLLY, Martha HOLLY, Nancy HOLLY, Hester HOLLY, Sarah HOLLY, Mary HOLLY, Margaret HOLLY, Elizabeth HOLLY.

Ellen HOLMES514 appeared in the census in 1850 in Anson Co. NC.514 Parents: William HOLMES and Matilda LITTLE.

George HOLMES was born on 19 Jul 1858 in Henderson Co. TN.33,515 He died in 1940 in Henderson Co. TN.33 Holmes, G. W., 7/19/1858-1/27/1940 He was buried in 1940 in Center Hill Cemetery, Lexington, TN.33 Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

James M. HOLMES was born about 1848 in NC.515 He died in 1923 in Henderson Co. TN.33,516 Holmes: J. M., 1849-1923/Elizabeth, 1857-1938 He was buried in 1923 in Center Hill Cemetery, Lexington, TN.33 Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.


Spouse: Sarah Ellen LITTLE. John D. HOLMES and Sarah Ellen LITTLE were married on 9 Jan 1879.49

John Pinkney HOLMES was born on 10 Oct 1852.516 He died on 10 Oct 1911 in Henderson Co. TN.516,517 J.P. Holmes is listed in the Tennessee Death Index, certificate No. 42461. He was buried about 10 Oct 1911 in Union Hill Cemetery, Henderson Co. TN.516 Holmes, John Pinkney; October 10, 1852-October 10, 1911 Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

Joseph HOLMES was born on 10 Jul 1846 in NC.33,515 The 1860 census shows Joseph as 14, which would make him born about 1846. The birthdate assumes that J.A. Holmes buried at Center Hill cemetery is Joseph. He died on 12 May 1917 in Henderson Co. TN.33 He was buried about 12 May 1917 in Center Hill Cemetery, Lexington, TN.33 I am not certain that the J.A. Holmes buried in Center Hill Cemetery is Joseph Holmes, but it looks likely since at least two of his brothers are buried in this cemetery and the age is close to that provided by the 1860 census (which would have been about 1846).

The marker says: Holmes: M. A., 5/27/1850-____, "Wife of J. A. Holmes" "Mother"/J. A., 7/10/1846-5/12/1917, "Husband of M. A. Holmes" "Father" Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

Martha Ann HOLMES was born about 1850 in NC.515 Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

Mary J. HOLMES was born in 1860 in Henderson Co. TN.515 Mary J. was 4 mos at the time of the census. Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

Miles F. HOLMES was born on 22 Oct 1842 in Anson Co. NC.516 Miles' headstone says he was 66 yrs, 11 mos. and 8 days old when he died on 30 Sep 1909., which would make him born 22 Oct. 1842. The marker also says he was born in 1843. He died on 30 Sep 1909 in Henderson Co. TN.516,517 Miles Holmes is listed in the Tennessee Death Index, certificate No. 42522. He was buried about 30 Sep 1909 in Union Hill Cemetery, Henderson Co. TN.516 Holmes, Mile F.; 1843 - September 30, 1909; Aged 66 years 11 months 8 days; Civil War Veteran
Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

Spouse: Amanda J. UNKNOWN. Miles F. HOLMES and Amanda J. UNKNOWN were married.33

Sarah HOLMES was born about 1812 in North Carolina.518 I am guessing that Jas Little family listed in the 1840 census on the same page as James Holmes is this family. The female is 20-30, making her birthdate 1810-1820. It seems possible that Sarah Holmes is the daughter of the James Holmes listed on the same page and the sister of Theophilus Holmes who married Lucinda Little, possibly a sister of James Little. Both the James Little family and the Theophilus Holmes family moved to Henderson Co. TN.

The 1850 census lists her age as 38, making her born about 1812. She was buried in Center Hill Cemetery, Lexington, TN.33

Spouse: James "Jimmy" LITTLE. James "Jimmy" LITTLE and Sarah HOLMES were married.519 Children were: Sophia LITTLE, George W. LITTLE, Susan E. LITTLE, Edmond D. LITTLE, M. Emeline LITTLE, James M. LITTLE, Harry F. LITTLE, H.S. LITTLE, William P. LITTLE, Sarah? E. LITTLE.

Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES was born on 8 Sep 1818 in North Carolina.520 In 1850, Theophilus was 32, in 1860 (called Orpha) he was 45, and in 1880, Theo was 61. He appeared in the census in 1850 in Union Co. NC. Theophilus Holmes, 32, Farmer, value of real estate 110; Lucinda 26; Miles F., 7; Joseph A. 4; James M. 1. Next door is Coleman Lee, followed by Isabel Little, Lot Sinclair, and Rachel Little. Immediately preceding Theo Holmes is Susanna Holmes 63 with James M. 22 and Sarah 19.

In 1840, James Holmes was listed as 50-60, with a male 20-30 who could be Theophilus, 1 male 5-10, and 2 males under 5; a female 40-50 (which is not quite right for Susanna but could work), and females 20-30, 10-15, and 5-10. Nearby is Josua Preslar and fairly close (same page) are Plesant M. Little and Jas Little. Jas. Little is 30-40, with 1 male 5-10, 1 male under 5, 1 female 20-30, and 1 under 5. This family would work for James Little and Sarah Holmes, parents of George W. Little who later marries Curantha Preslar. He appeared in the census in 1860 in Henderson Co. TN.515 HOLMES, Orpha 45 f w NC; Lucinda 38 f w NC; Miles F. 17 m w NC; Joseph 14 m w NC
James M 12 m w NC; Martha Ann 10 f w NC; James P 7 m w NC; William T 5 m w TN; George W 2 m w TN; Mary J 4/12 f w TN
He appeared in the census in 1880 in Henderson Co. TN. Theo Holmes (61), wife Lucinda (58), sons George & Riley are on Ed. 62, pg 12. James M. is on pg 11, and Milas F. is on pg 9. He died on 8 May 1910 in Henderson Co. TN.517,520 Opie Holmes is listed in the Tennessee Death index, certificate no. 42521. He was buried about 8 May 1910 in Union Hill Cemetery, Henderson Co. TN.520 Thelophilas Holmes, Sept. 8, 1818 - May 8, 1910 On 21 Mar 1832, Abner Proctor sold land formerly belonging to Ira Proctor,deceased, to William Grace. Theophilus Homes and Mary Holmes also conveyed their part of Lot No. 3. Theophilus stated his name as Offy Homes, but signed Theophilus. Perhaps this Theophilus Holmes was the father of Theopholis who married Lucinda. (Anson Deed Bk Y&Z, pg 150)

Spouse: Lucinda LITTLE. Children were: Miles F. HOLMES, Joseph HOLMES, James M. HOLMES, Martha Ann HOLMES, John Pinkney HOLMES, William Thomas HOLMES, George HOLMES, Mary J. HOLMES.

William HOLMES appeared in the census in 1850 in Anson Co. NC.514 He died before 1860.514 Reportedly, a tree fell on him. Annie Lee Traywick tried to find this family in the 1850 Union and Anson Co. censuses with no luck, but she was likely looking for William Helms, like the CGS article listed.

Bob Dellinger says the name is really Holmes - not Helms as Annie Lee thought. That could be why Annie Lee couldn't find the family.

Spouse: Matilda LITTLE. William HOLMES and Matilda LITTLE were married on 7 Apr 1845 in Union Co. NC.326 Bondsman was Jesse Little. CGS listed the groom as William HELMS, not Holmes. Need to check source to see if error was there are in the CGS transcription. Children were: Ellen HOLMES, William Marshall HOLMES.

William Marshall HOLMES514 appeared in the census in 1850 in Anson Co. NC.514 He was buried in Deep Springs Church Cemetery, Peachland, Anson Co. NC.325 Parents: William HOLMES and Matilda LITTLE.

Spouse: Edna CROW. William Marshall HOLMES and Edna CROW were married.325

William Thomas HOLMES was born in Dec 1854.516 He died on 21 Apr 1909 in Henderson Co. TN.516 He was buried about 21 Apr 1909 in Union Hill Cemetery, Henderson Co. TN.516 Holmes, William Thomas; December 1854-April 21, 1909. W.T. Holmes, d 1909, is in Tennessee Death index with certificate 42263. Parents: Theopholis (Orpha) HOLMES and Lucinda LITTLE.

John Coburn HONEY was born in 1799/1800 in Anson Co. NC.521 He died in 1842 in Benton Co. TN.521 Parents: Robert HONEY and Delilah COCKBURN.

Robert HONEY521 signed a will in Jan 1831 in Anson Co. NC.521 Will proven (not signed) Jan. 1831 Given name obtained from Ancestor chart No. 3

Spouse: Delilah COCKBURN. Children were: John Coburn HONEY.


Spouse: Martha Jane BRASWELL. Pinkney HONEYCUTT and Martha Jane BRASWELL were married in Nov 1883.

David HOPPER.160

Spouse: Maggie BIVENS. Children were: Hughie Crayton HOPPER.

Hughie Crayton HOPPER. Parents: David HOPPER and Maggie BIVENS.

Spouse: Lennie Mae LITTLE. Hughie Crayton HOPPER and Lennie Mae LITTLE were married on 31 Jan 1913 in Sardis, Henderson Co. TN.160

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