Anson Co. NC Land Entries and Deeds before 1800

with focus on Gourdvine & Negrohead Creeks

Land EntryBryant LeeAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #27; 19 Jan 179530 A on waters of Flat fork; border: Ross
WarrantJacob LittleNC Warrant; 7 Aug 1795
Sam AsheJacob LittleNC Grant 1335; 10 July 179730 Shillings for every 100 A paid. On head of Goard Vine beginning at red oak...
Land EntryJacob LittleAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #32; 1-22-1795Transferred to Jacob Little. Richard Lee enters 100 a on Gourdvine Cr; includes Gum Pond
Land Entry Jacob LittleAnson Land Entries 1795-97; Page 58 #667; 11-10-1796100A on waters Gourdvine Creek; borders Richard Lee's Survey
Land EntryJacob LittleAnson Land Entries 1795-97; Page 58 #668; 11-10-1796100A on Bridge Br
Land EntryIsaac LittleAnson Land Entries 1795-97; Page 58 #669; 11-10-1796100A on waters of Gourdvine Creek; borders Richard Lee's land on S Side of creek
Land EntryWilliam ShortAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #8570 acres between Negro Head and Richardson's Creeks; border his own line
Land EntryMorgan Brown and John BrewerAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #111400 acres on Negroe Head Cr; includes Wincham's cabin; border Richard Giffin's line that he bought from Wm Nelson
Land EntryJohn Wright JrAnson Land Entries 1795-97 #19 & 20; 9-20-1795200 acres (2 entries)
Land EntryHadley CoburnAnson Land Entries 1795-97; 10-18-1796Lower side of Negro head Creek; Borders Solomon Mullis, George Prenrn; see file #5257
Land EntryGeorge BrewerAnson Land Entries 1795-97; pg 69 #774; 2-12-1797100A on West side of Negro Head Cr; includes a large branch
Land EntryAbsalom CaudleAnson Land Entries 1795-97; pg 69 #775; 179?200A on N side Richardson's Cr; Richard Griffin's entry
Land EntryWillis GregoryAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #126100 A between James, son of John Liles; Joseph Bretnal; joins William Williams; includes his own improvement
Land EntryJames Liles SrAnson Land Entries 1778-95100 ac on Toms (or Jones) Cr
Land EntryJames Liles JrAnson Land Entries 1778-95; # 709; 12-16-1778100 ac on Island Cr; John Knotts Jr. upper line
Land EntryJames LilesAnson Land Entries 1778-95; # 204; 3-31-1778150 ac near lower road and runs down waters of Whites Br
Land EntryJacob LittleAnson Land Entries 1778-95; 1-22-1795Transferred to Jacob Little; Richard Lee enters 100 a on Gourdvine Cr; includes Gum Pond
Land EntryDavid GriffinAnson Land Entries 1778-95; #39; 1-27-179550 a on waters of Jacks Br; border Davidson
Land EntryMichael AustonAnson Land Entries 1795-97; #272; 4-7-1796On the mouth of Back Br & runs down Gourdvine Cr; borders John Griffin
Land EntryJoshua WilliamsAnson Land Entries 1795-97; p. 55, #634; 10-19-1796250 acr near head of Gourdvine Cr and near Clifton's old place; includes John Griffin's improvements
Land EntryFrederick TaylorAnson Land Entries 1795-97; p. 62 #723; 1-17-1797300A; runs up Horsepen Br & Gourdvine Cr on both sides of the creek; Richard Lee's survey
His excel. Benjamin WilliamsJacob Little Sr.12-9-1801Don't have grant; Deed in 1834 to Jacob Jr. says this
Thos Martindale & Sarah MartindaleThos GriffinC#2-194/147; 9-27-1781Beginning at a pine at head of Savannah near the house Richardsons Creek; same as deed from Thomas English to Wm Witherford. Reuben Hay appeared in Lancaster Co. SC court to prove deed; wit: Reuben Hay, Ann Nelson
William NelsonRichard GriffinC#2-2l; 10-22-1788100 acres granted Nelson 10-14-1783 both sides of Negrohead Creek beginning near the Bridge branch; wit Daniel Henson Juratt, Henry Henson
Joel Walker of Wilkes GACharles Cook of Mecklenburgh NCC#2-21; 11-21-1791East side of Little Richardsons Creek beg at Joseph Thompsons corner in the Mecklengburgh line; wit:Solomon Mullis, Robert Cook
William NelsonRichard GriffinC#2-3; 10-22-1788200 acres granted Joel Phillips 12-22-1768 on Negro Head, a branch of Richardson Creek; 3/4 of a mile below the Lawyers Road; wit Daniel Henson Juratt, Henry Henson
Walter LeakThomas WadeC#2-373/272; 3-2-1793SE side of Richardsons Creek; Upper line of Littles and Franks survey; wit Thomas Chiles
Grant No. 1202George BrewerC#2-412/300; 7-9-1794100 acres SE side of Negrohead creek
Grant No. 1165John RossC#2-474/352; 6-27-1793with his own line
Grant No. 1210Donald RossC#2-475/355; 1-7-1795
Grant No. 1209Hugh Ross JunC#2-476/356; 1-7-1795Both sides of Brown Creek; adjoining Hugh Ross Sr, Nancy Fanning, Isham Ingram
John May carpenterGustus Ross planterC#2-91; 5-20-1792100 acres on Cedar Creek; part of 450 acres granted by patent to Dill; wit: John Weaver, John Johnston
Grant No. 1242Andrew Ross, Walter Ross, James PickettD-115; 12-8-179425 acres on the River Bank the beginning corner of the Mill land, including the Mill dam; Pickett's line
Grant No. 1169Richard LeeD-126; 7-9-1794100 acres near a drean on the Goardvine Branch of Richardsons Creek
Richard GriffinSoloman MullisD-136; 12-31-1792100 acres on SW side of Negro head; wit: William Henson, William Trull
John KnottsDavid LilesD-155; 1-5-179650 acres on SW side of Pee Dee River on branches of Jones Creek; adj. Lawrance Franklin, Knotts, Weatherford; wit: Ezra Bosstick, William Jerman
Richard GriffinSoloman MullisD-164; 12-31-179250 acres on S side of Richardsons Creek beginnining on south side of sd creek and runs to a stake near Negro head creek; wit: William Henson, William Trull
William JohnsonHugh RossD-168; 4-22-179660 acres on Rocky River Camp branch; part of tract convedyed to William Johnson 23 April 1795; adj: John Ryle; wit: Donald Ross, Jas Jameson
Grant No. 684John SmithD-224; 10-14-1783100 acres on Negro head Creek; adj Nelson
William WhiteFrancis RossD-286; 4-12-1798N side of Bever Dam below the mouth of Ceder Fotke; being patent dated 27 Nov 1792 to sd White; wit: Josiah White
Francis Baker Hugh Ross SenrD-287; 3-30-1798One tract on both sides of Lanes Creek; one tract on west side of said creek; adj William Shephird; wit: James Blackeney, Hugh Ross Jr
Elizabeth Wade, relique of Thomas Wade deceasedHugh RossD-443; 10-18-1798Conveys her right of Dower to 300 acres (for 10 pounds) on Lanes Creek granted Richard Spaight and from him to Colo. Wade; wit: Joshua Prout
Joshua ProutHugh RossD-446; 6-2-1798300 acres W side Lanes Creek.. crossing said creek. Joshua Prout pwr atty for Micajah Pope. Land grant to Richard Spaight; from his son Richard Dobbs Spaight conveyed to Thomas Wade Sr; from his execrs to Walter Leak; to Thomas Wade; his admins to Pope
Richard Griffin Thomas GriffinD-68; 6-16-1794Both sides of Negro Head creek; adj Griffin's line; wit: J. Holliman, John Mullis
Richard Griffin Thomas GriffinD-69; 6-21-1793Both sides of Negro Head, near the Bridge Branch; Patent granted to William Nelson; wit: Henry Henson, Reubin Vinson
Richard Griffin Thomas GriffinD-70; 6-21-1793Upper side of Negro Head 3/4 mile below the Lawyers Road; wit: Henry Henson, Reubin Vinson
Grant No. 1255Donald RossD-93; 11-30-1795S Side of Richardsons Creek on Tar Kiln branch; adj Nicholas Norcots
Grant No. 1256Stephen LacyD-94; 11-30-1795200 acres on Lacys branch of Laines creek
Silas Dumas & Mary his wife of Richmond Co.Hugh RossE-118/102; 3-13-179750 acres on S bank of Rocky River... by Camp Branch. 30 acres adjoining on back side being part of 200 acres granted to John Ryle since Dec. which Ryle bequeathed to daughter Mary who is now wife of Silas Dumas; wit: Thomas Threadgill, Richd Sasser
Grant No. 1130Richard GriffinE-156/130; 11-27-1792100 acres on NW side of Negro head creek, Griffins old beginning
Grant No. 995David GriffinE-157/131; 11-16-179050 acres crossing Goardvine Branch
Grant No. 122 E-157/132; bef 1776400 acres SW side of Richardsons Creek; adj upper lines of Little and Franks surveys
John PreslarAxum SaintE-194/165; 5-17-1797100 acres on Swans Branch; adj: Ishams Oneal, Preslar; wit: Hugh Ross, Thomas Saint
Grant No. 1334Moses StegallE-291/250; 7-10-179750 acres on S side of Negro head; warrant dated July 1 1795
Grant No. 1366Stephen TrullE-291/251; 7-10-1797100 acres on both sides of Beaver Dam; warrant dated October 20, 1794; his old survey, Robert Blackney
Grant No. 1138Bryan LeeE-310/267; 11-27-1792300 acres E side of goard vine; his old line
Grant No. 1314David Giffin SrE-312/270; 7-10-179750 acres on both sides of Lacks Branch (maybe Zacks or Jacks?)
Nathaniel BivionJohn BivionE-353/306; 2-19-1798100 acres on E side of Richardsons Creek beggining at mouth of sd John Bivions spring branch & runs up Richardson crk crossing the mouth of Rays Fork; wit: Wm Pearce, Test. Jacob Little
George, Jeminah (female), Sarah, Rachel D., Fance, Maryann BrewerFrancis Coburn of Martin Co.E-74/61; 3-30-1797Tract beg. on NW side of Negro head Crk, crossing sd creek; surveyed for George Brewer 6-1779, No. 546. Also 100A on E side of Negro head; surveyed for John Smith 3-2-1780 No. 684. Also 150A on W side of Negro head surveyed 11-8-1791 No. 1114
George BrewerFrancis Coburn of Martin Co.E-75/62; 3-30-1797100 acres on SE of Negro head Creek; adj Daniel Coburn, Isaac Brumbelow
John Smith of Montgomery Co.Jemena Brewer (female)E-90/74; 1-12-1795100 acres for 20lbs; E side of Negrohead Creek; wit: Hum. Yarbrough, Ambrose Yarbrough
Stephen LacyStephen HastyF-114/125; 1-31-1799300 acres on Waxsaw Branch; wit: Hugh Ross, Griffin Ross
Grant No. 1456Hugh Ross JunF-12/14; 3-9-1799130 acres on the dead pine branch of Linches Creek; adj Charles Cook
Grant No. 1397Hugh RossF-13/15; 3-9-1799200 acres beginning at Edward Brumblows corner pine in Holleys line
Grant No. 1307Drury AustinF-211/179; 7-10-1797100 acres on both sides of the Watery Branch beginning at a post oak on the bank of Richardsons Creek below the Mouth of the watery branch; adj Samuel Bond
William WilliamsJames LilesF-41/52; 11-14-1795100 acres surveyed for John Dugless lying on Savannah Creek
George BrewerRichard Lee of Edgecomb Co.F-43/54; 11-3-179050 acres lying on both sides of Big Branch; wit: Bryan Lee, Lebeth Brewer
Hugh RossJoseph SmithF-87/100; 2-9-1799210 acres beginning on W side of Lanes Creek.... mouth of Cane Brake Branch; adj Elias Preslar; wit: Richard Allen, Fredrick Gordon
John Naudin, Neomy Naudin, Thomas Smith, Jeany Smith & Sabry Tomson of Cashaw SC & Anson NCWilliam TaylorF-99/113; 3-22-1799300 acres on both sides of Lickessons Creek ; mouth of Bull Branch; wit: Griffin Ross, Thos Taylor, Ebenezer Marsh
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