The Windows Publishing&Adobe SIG meet on the second Monday of each month at:7.30 pm at the Hal-PC headquarters, 4543 Post Oak Place, Houston.

The Windows Publishing-Adobe SIG focuses on a wide range of graphic illustration and page layout programs from Adobe, Macromedia etc. Primarily we cover Adobe products like Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker,Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, Adobe GoLive, Live Motion, After Effects and FrameMaker.

Our monthly meetings cover tips and techniques, latest news and demonstrations of new products and our special events include visits by product specialist from vendors of the leading graphic design programs.


Customer Stories on Adobe Photoshop (incl Photoshop cs!):

(QuickTime movies)

Adobe Systems

Adobe Photoshop CS4!

Photoshop Elements 7 (for easy-to-use, yet powerful digital imaging solution)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Tutorial
Adobe products Tryout

Adobe's product for creating premier WebSites: Adobe GoLive 9
Reviews on Adobe GoLive CS 2
 Adobe LiveMotion


Tips and Techniques

Producing Web Graphics Rollovers

Macromedia (is now Adobe)

the new Dreamweaver CS4


Corel Corporation

Kay Power Tool 6

Bryce 5 (powerfull 3D Landscaping and animation...)

Corel Painter IX

Corel Designer

How is Corel DESIGNER 10 related to Micrografx DesignerTM?
In the fall of 2001, Corel Corporation acquired Micrografx Inc. Corel re-released Micrografx Designer 9 under the Corel family as Corel® DESIGNERTM 9 shortly after the acquisition was completed.

Other resources:

Intoduction to HTML 4.0

Service Bureaus:

Alpha & Omega Graphics: map
4617 Montrose Blvd., Suite C 150 Houston, TX 77006
(Adobe and Corel Authorized)



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