Living in Kuwait . . .

Since the vast majority of Kuwait residents are not citizens, English is spoken and written widely by necessity. Just about any kind of food, clothing, odor, or color can be seen on the streets at any time. Just think of your last trip to New York City or San Francisco and you'll understand what I mean. The characteristic woman's aba (black cloak) and man's dishdasha (white robe) are common but not predominant because so many people are from other countries.

Many people come to Kuwait because they can't get as good a job back home (e.g., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.). So visas, green cards, sponsors, etc. are their life blood. If they mess up, they're history. Reading the newspapers suggests this visa process is quite complex.

Prices are only slightly higher than in the US and there are no bugs, spiders, or snakes to torment a person. Dinner and family activities start after 7-8 pm because of the heat. My biggest difficulty was keeping the days of the week straight - their weekend is Thursday/Friday not Saturday/Sunday. Neither language nor crime is a problem. In the summer, the temperature can reach 135 deg F!

As for housing, some middle class folks would probably live in apartments like the one we lived in. There are many apartment houses and complexes around Kuwait like the one on the left because of the influx on new people who serve Kuwait and its growing economy. When the government needs more apartments, they frequently construct them sometimes with whole new cities along the coast road.

The more well-to-do families live in some really nice houses. I watched the pretty blue house on the left being built from the ground up during my numerous visits. I was told the price tag was about US$ 3,000,000. Quite a few folks live on the beach in attractive houses, also.

Some people even live in large tents like on the left which is probably inexpensive and much like from where they originally came. Some of these tents even have a satellite dish and a fancy car sitting out front. However, there seem to be enough apartments for everyone.

How Do People Live in Kuwait?

Really Nice House
Apartment Complex in Kuwait City
Tents with Satellite Dishes? Yes!

My Working Life in Kuwait

On a later visit, I stayed at the Messilah Beach Resort Hotel which offered different amenities than the villa. The rooms were spread out around the complex which included a restaurant, underground conference rooms, a nice pool, and a beach club area.

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