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Loudspeaker Modeling My Hobby Since 1983

Download DOS BoxModels.

The above download includes the following programs:

DOSBM.exe - An older DOS version of BoxModel for passive radiator, vented and sealed loudspeaker enclosure design.

ScreenShot: DOS BoxModel Interface

DOSTLBM.exe - An older DOS version of BoxModel for transmission line loudpeaker design.

ScreenShot: DOS TL BoxModel Interface

bpboxmod.exe - An older DOS version of BoxModel for bandpass loudspeaker design.

ScreenShot: DOS BP BoxModel Interface

DOSPXO.exe - An older DOS version of PXO (Passive Crossover). Generates components for 2 and 3-way all-pass and Butterworth crossovers of orders 1-4.

ScreenShot: DOS PXO Interface


An extensive driver database, together with a program called DriversEd that can be used to search, retreive, delete and add drivers to the database. It comes in two files, each fitting on a 1.44 meg floppy disk. This application requires Windows 3.x/Windows 95 or Windows NT. This version is in the form of two self extracting zip files and include language drivers.

Disk 1 (1.44 Meg) of a Thiele- Small loudspeaker driver parameter database.

Disk 2 (1.44 Meg) of a Thiele- Small loudspeaker driver parameter database.

ScreenShot: DriversED Interface.

DriversED database file also available as  ASCII text, MS Access Database, MS Excel Spreadsheet, dBASE IV database file.

Download a System Simulator and a Delay Lattice calculator.

SYSSIM - This first program simulates a complete two or three way system, including the crossover network, driver high frequency rolloff and certain aspects of the baffle geometry. In addition to the usual system response, it also produces radiation patterns and off-axis response curves.

ScreenShots: Syssim Interface

DELAY - The Lattice program computes the component values for a first or second order lattice that can be used as a time delay circuit. Note that these programs do not respond well to all BIOS'S and a fix is not available, except to try another machine.

ScreenShot: Delay Interface.

Download a complete derivation of Benson-Thiele-Small model.

This file is a Windows help file version of "A Unified Model for Closed-Boxes, Vented-boxes and Passive Radiators", a paper (Preprint # 2841 (H-2) presented by Bullock at the AES 1986 Convention. Equations for closed/vented/PR systems are derived that are suitable for computer modeling purposes.

Download a comprehensive Loudspeaker System modeling program (FlexSys).

FlexSys Features Include:

ScreenShots: FlexsysInterface.

This file is a self-extracting DOS program that is being offered for a limited time only. Users are asked to register by email and submit comments and suggestions that will help in the development of the Windows 95/Windows NT version (now in progress).

Passive Crossover Component Stress Analyzer

PassFill Features Include:

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