Memorial Emergency Radio Association

MERA Repeaters


2m - 145.470 Mhz. (-) (PL 123.0)
70cm - 444.550 Mhz. (+) (PL 123.0)

Providing Emergency Communications to
the Memorial Hermann Hospital System
Southwest Freeway at Beechnut - Southwest Houston, Texas

Facts About the Repeaters

Antenna is a Diamond X 500-H at 182 feet above ground level; output 
for both the 2m machine and the 70cm transmitter are 25 Watts; 
PL tone for access is 123.0 Hz on both 2m and 70cm.

 Various nets are conducted on the MERA repeaters.  Should an organization
 wish to conduct net activities on either of the frequencies, prior approval
 is required.  Please contact Irv, KK5QQ for the
 necessary approval, prior to holding your activity.

         During nets, and occasionally during morning and afternoon 'drive times',
         the MERA VHF and UHF machines are linked to allow wide coverage with dual input.

For information contact: Irv Smith, KK5QQ

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