Descendants of Edward Ketchum

Mose ROBBINS [Parents].Mose married Violis CHERRY.

Violis CHERRY [Parents] was born on 10 Nov 1889 in Texas. She died in Lee County, Texas. She married Mose ROBBINS.

Lewis T. KETCHUM [Parents] was born on 15 Jan 1850. He died on 25 Dec 1870. He married Francis Emiline MCDOW on 24 Jan 1869 in Blount County, Alabama.

Some researchers believe that his given name was Lewis F. rather than Lewis T. Also, name spelled Louis in marriage record below. The 1850 census indicates he was born May 1850. Other source says 15 Jan 1850.

From the Luther Henderson Ketchum (b.1809) family bible. Marriages:
Louis Ketchum & Francis E., Jan 29, 1862

David Adams of Casa Grande, AZ has info from a Soloman Palmer's diary that Lewis Ketchum murdered Franklin Burgess on 12/23/1870 and a group of disguised men took Lewis from jail and killed him on 12/25/1870. This was in Blount Co., AL. This might be a different Lewis Ketchum, but unlikely.
According to a Burgess descendant, Myrtle Burgess Justice, Franklin Burgess (1850-1870) and William D Burgess (1848-1870) were both killed in a fight at a circus.
FRANKLIN BURGESS, b. ABT 1850, Floyd Co. Ga.; d. December 23, 1870, Blount Co., AL. Franklin Burgess(Frank) was killed Dec. 23, 1870 by a Lewis Ketchum. Ketchum was taken from the jail by a party of disguised men on the night of Dec. 25, and killed. Information came from the diary of Solomon Palmer, a long time resident of Blountsville. Source is Burgess family genealogy:

Francis Emiline MCDOW "Fannie".Francis married Lewis T. KETCHUM on 24 Jan 1869 in Blount County, Alabama.

31 June 1870 US Census in Blount County shows Emeline, age 19, living with John McDow age 69. Where was John's wife? This was six months before the death of Lewis?
Name Age
John F Mcdow 68
Emeline Mcdow 19
Marion R Mcdow 18
Jane A D Mcdow 15
America Mcdow 12
Floyd Mcdow 10
Leander Mcdow 3

Cullman County Alabama US Census 1880
Name Age
Mary E. Mc Dow 53 mother-widow
Frances E. Mc Dow 26 dau-single

See MCDOW-BOATWRIGHT_1 family tree on
Francis McDow is said to be the wife of Louis, but Francis is living with her mother at time of 1880 census in Cullman County, Alabama. Her mother is listed as a widow. Francis is listed as single. Francis McDow should have been listed as a widow if she had been married to Lewis Ketchum. Additionally, Lewis seems to have been living with his sister Sarah in June 1870, after the supposed date of his marriage to Francis E., although the record lists only the initials rather than the full given names. This seems to indicate that these two people were not ever married. No documentation of the wife's surname has been found to my knowledge, except for unreferenced family trees on the internet.

James SHELDON [Parents].James married Catherine Agatha SMITH.

Children were Margaret Joy Sheldon Geer, Mary Ellen Constance Cowles and Lora Ann Sheldon Robarge.

Catherine Agatha SMITH was born on 10 Jan 1895 in Boston, MA. She died in 1988 in Groton, CT. She married James SHELDON.

John Robert MACKEY [Parents] was born on 26 Jan 1934 in Boswell, Oklahoma. He married Janice.

Ketchum and Mackey researcher. Lives 1334 Summit St., Mesquite, TX

Janice.Janice married John Robert MACKEY.

Vernon GEISLER.Vernon married Emma Christine LANE.

Emma Christine LANE [Parents] was born in 1917. She married Vernon GEISLER.

Other marriages:
STUART, William

BERRY. married Barbara MACKEY.

Barbara MACKEY [Parents] was born on 23 Jan 1931. She married BERRY.

Alfred Lee MCLEMORE [Parents] was born on 21 Sep 1923 in Tulsa, OK. He died on 4 Jul 1980 in New Smyrna Beach, FL. He married Peggy Juanita AYERS.

Alfred was a career Marine.

Peggy Juanita AYERS.Peggy married Alfred Lee MCLEMORE.

They had the following children:

  M i Alfred Lee MCLEMORE Jr. was born on 27 Oct 1950 in Nueches County, Texas.
  F ii Jeanette MCLEMORE was born on 14 Aug 1958 in Bexar Co., Texas.

John Luther LANE [Parents] was born on 2 Jan 1944 in Imperial Co., California. He died on 8 Jan 2002. He married Ginger ANDERSON.

Ginger ANDERSON.Ginger married John Luther LANE.

They had the following children:

  F i Wendy LANE.

Roger Dale KETCHUM [Parents] was born in 1938 in Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK. He married Karen Marie KNUTSON in Jul 1965 in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Karen Marie KNUTSON.Karen married Roger Dale KETCHUM in Jul 1965 in Coos Bay, Oregon.

They had the following children:

  M i Kevin D. KETCHUM.
  F ii Traci KETCHUM.

John Haskell KETCHUM [Parents] was born in 1934. He married Bonnie in Mesquite, Texas.

The old Luther Henderson Ketchum family bible was in the hands of John Haskell Ketchum of Mesquite, Texas as of 1992. Email address as of 2005 was The records in the bible were copied by Pat Jones of 7214 Heathermore Dr., Dallas, TX 75248.

Thomas B. Shearer, Feb 19, 1814; Elizabeth Ann Shearer, Oct. 29, 1820; Phares Waldo Shearer, Aug. 12, 1837; Margarette Shearer, Jan 10, 1839; Christopher Ketchum, Feb 25, 1806; Susannah Ketchum, May 25, 1812; John Ketchum, Aug 23, 1830; Josephus Ketchum, Sept. 23, 1835; Lucinda Ketchum, Feb. 23, 1838; Henderson Ketchum, Nov. 10, 1809; Elizabeth Ketchum, Aug 14, 1815; Manerva Cathanne KetchAm, Jan 30, 1836; Esther Jane KetchAm, May 4, 1837; James H. Ketcham, May 27, 1839; Margate L. Ketcham, Dec 5, 1840; Aquillar J. Ketchum, Sept 4, 1842; Sara Adaline Ketchum, Sept. 20, 1845; Daniel Ketchum, Jun 20, 1848; Lewis T. Ketchum, Jan 15, 1850; Christopher C. Ketchum, July 15, 1863; Martha E. Ketchum, Jun 29, 1865; Margaret Ketchum, Mar 21, 1867; Robert Edward Lee Ketchum, Nov 14, 1868; Samuel Rasor Ketchum, May 1, 1871; James H. Loyd (?), Sept 2, 1857; Mit Madora Ketchum, Dec 23, 1874; Laura R. Ketchum, Oct. 9, 1864.

Thomas B. Shearer & Eliza Ann Nation, May (or Jan?) 31, 1836
Christopher Ketchum & Susanah Niblett, Oct. 28, 1828
Christopher Ketchum & Polly A. Brown, Feb. 17, 1850
Christopher Ketchum & Mary Ann Ketchum, Dec. 10, 1847
Magnolia Manley & James L. Patrick, Dec. 16, 1888
R. S. Ketchum & Miss L. M. McAbee, Aug. 18, 1890
M.M. Ketchum & E. Lane
Henderson Ketchum & Susan Gilliland, Aug 6, 1862
Louis Ketchum & Francis E., Jan 29, 1862
R. E. Ketchum & Josie Littlefield, Aug 17, 1887
J. H. Alexander & Susan Ketchum, Nov 28, 1894

Lewis Ketchum, Dec 25, 1870
Amanda Ketchum born Oct 27, 1880 & died Dec 10, 1873 (erroneous date)
Samuel Gilliland, Apr 25, 1885
Elizabeth Gilliland, Feb 6, 1885

In the Bible at the beginning of the New Testament there was a date of 1834. I noticed that is 2 years peior to the marriage of Thomas Shearer & Elizabeth Nation which makes it seem the Bible belonged to them originally.

Bonnie.Bonnie married John Haskell KETCHUM in Mesquite, Texas.

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