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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focus on the unique interests of our members. They meet once a month, usually, but may meet more often to exchange views on a variety of subjects. Please use the the links below to find out details regarding your SIGs of interest. You can get additional information on the SIGs in the quarterly HAL-PC Magazine and monthly HAL-PC eBulletin.

SIG meetings are held at :
HAL-PC Headquarters
4543 Post Oak Place, Suite #200
Phone: (713) 993-3300
Fax (713) 993-3333

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Important Information for SIG Leaders

Special Interest Group Meeting Days Times
A+ Certification Hands-on 1st/3rd Thursday 7:00 PM
A+ Certification Theory 2nd/4th Thursday7:00 PM
A+ Certification Skills & Drills 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Thursday6:00 PM
Access - Advanced Email SIG Leader 3rd Wednesday 7:30 PM
Access - Beginning Email SIG Leader 1st Monday 6:00 PM
Access Help Workshop Email SIG Leader 2nd Saturday9:00 AM
Adobe & Windows Publishing 2nd Monday7:00 PM
Alpha Five Email SIG Leader 2nd Monday6:30 PM
Build or Buy a Computer Every Wednesday1:00 PM
C# Beginning3rd Tuesday6:00 PM
C#3rd Tuesday7:00 PM
Chief Architect Email SIG Leader1st Monday7:00 PM
Clarion   Email SIG Leader 1st Tuesday6:30 PM
Computer Investing Every Friday10:00 AM
Corel Draw 2nd Monday7:00 PM
Database & Gui Design 2nd Saturday9:00 AM
Digital Imaging Email SIG Leader 3rd Saturday1:00 PM
Fortran 4th Monday7:00 PM
Genealogy 3rd Thursday7:00 PM
Genealogy - The Master Genaologist 3rd Saturday9:00 AM
GETTRADERS-Houston 4th Saturday9:00 AM
Houston Application Systems Group 3rd Thursday5:30 PM
Ham Satellite Radio 3rd Tuesday7:00 PM
iPods & Mobile Devices Email the SIG Leader 2nd Saturday1:00 PM
Internet 101 - Class 2nd Saturday1:00 PM
Investors Software 101 4th Wednesday7:00 PM
Laptop Investors Email SIG Leader Every Thursday9:45 AM
Legal Email SIG Leader 3rd Wednesday7:00 PM
Linux 2nd & 4th Saturday2:00 PM
Linux 101   Email SIG Leader 1st Tuesday7:00 PM
Linux Workshop   Email SIG Leader Every Wednesday6:00 PM
Macintosh Email SIG Leader 1st Tuesday7:00 PM
Microsoft Server Email SIG Leader 1st thru 4th Fridays6:30 PM
Multimedia/MIDI Email SIG Leader 1st Saturday10:00 AM
New Member Orientation   Email SIG Leader 1st Saturday10:30 AM
OS/2 Warp 3rd Monday6:00 PM
PERL Email SIG Leader 2nd Tuesday7:00 PM
PC Upgrade & Troubleshooting Every Friday9:00 AM
Robotics Email SIG Leader Every Friday9:00 AM
Samba & Open Networking 1st & 3rd Saturday1:00 - 4:45 PM
Stock Market 2nd Saturday1:00 PM
TC Users Group   2nd Thursday6:30 PM
The Trader's SIG   4th Tuesday7:00 PM
Visual Basic Programming Email SIG Leader 1st/3rd Saturday10:00 AM
Visual FoxPro - Beginning Email the SIG Leader 2nd Tuesday6:30 PM
Visual FoxPro - Advanced Email the SIG Leader 2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Visual FoxPro Class   Email SIG Leader Second Tuesday 5:00 PM
Web Design 4th Tuesday7:00 PM
Windows Operating Systems 1st Wednesday7:00 PM
Windows - Beginning 2nd Saturday9:00 AM


  • Any changes to your SIG information (dates, cancellations, leaders, web page, etc.) should be emailed to VP SIGS. Last minute questions/cancellations etc may be phoned to Ashley at 713-341-8102. Program notes for the monthly eBulletin should be mailed to the webmaster no later than 5:00 pm on the last day of the month. Program notes for the Magazine should be emailed to Marilyn Gore no later than the first of the month prior to the quarterly publication date (i.e., no later than Feb. 1, May 1, August 1 or November 1).

  • Need to get your page online? - TRY HERE
    Need to make a SIG web page? -TRY, "So, you want to make a Web Page!"

  • Daily SIG Room Assignments .  In Adobe .PDF format.

  • SIG Policies Manual.  In Adobe .PDF format.

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